• How and when should interested customers contact you?
    You can contact me at any time directly from the site in the contact me page or on the chat with me on home page. You can also find me on socials such as: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok.
  • Do you accept commissioned projects?
    Certainly. I love making projects on commission. Please visit the painting on commission page to understand how I work. You can always contact me by email to get all the answers you want.
  • What are your payment methods?
    I have various payment methods on my site, you can choose the one you prefer, they are all safe, reliable, and guaranteed. If you have any special requests just let me know by writing me an email.
  • Do you offer installment payment plans?
    It could be but it depends on some factors. Send an email request for the painting you are interested in.
  • Do you have a return policy?
    My policy is money back guarantee. Visit the refund policy page for more info.
  • What shipping options do you offer?
    I can offer any type of shipping. Generally the painting, after being secured for transport, is shipped with private couriers. See the shipping policy section for more details. If you have any special requests just write me an email.
  • Do you accept wholesale purchases from corporate art consultants and interior designers?
    We can discuss it willingly. I am open to any kind of solutions. Just write me an email and you will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Do you rent or lease your art and what are your commissions?
    I can also consider the rent, but it must be kept in mind that there will be different expenses such as the rental time, the type of shipment, the insurance policy, the geographical area, etc ... This evaluation is subject to feasibility authorization.
  • Do you use archival, environmentally friendly materials?
    Obviously all the materials I use are certified and guaranteed non-toxic. To produce a high quality work, I use only the best colors that respect the quality over time.
  • If you print limited editions of your originals, what is the size of the edition?
    Below each image of the painting you will find the link to download the high resolution image, so that you can print it at the resolution you want.
  • Do your paintings come with a certificate of authenticity?
    Of course! Yes, in each of my paintings you will find attached the certificate of authenticity with the specific characteristics of the work you buy. also in the package you will receive you will find a fantastic surprise.
  • In what galleries is your art currently available throughout the world?
    My art is exhibited in my personal permanent gallery. Come and see me to see what I do. It will be a fantastic experience.
  • Are you interested in being contacted by galleries or agents?
    Yes, I am available for Collaborations and requests
  • Do you welcome visitors to your studio?
    Yes. Just make an appointment to visit my art studio. It will be a fantastic experience. And if you are lucky, you will be able to see a live painting.
  • Do you help customers with the selection of frames for your artwork?
    I can help clients with any of their requests. From the choice of frames to the best placement of the work in your space.
    If you want to know how my painting will look in your space, send me a photo. I will create a sample painting on Photoshop and send it back to you - completely FREE! So, you know beforehand what you can expect from me.


  • Did you go to school? I was very lucky because I was able to study all the way to university. @iuav_venezia & https://www.liceomodigliani.edu.it/
  • How are the prices defined? Prices are determined by the size of the artwork and are always increasing over time based on career growth.
  • Where are you from? I come from a ruined city of Padua - Italy.
  • What's your favourite colour? All the colors.
  • How long have you been an artist? Always.
  • How long does it take for the paint to dry? from 24-48 hours to 3-4 days approximately.
  • How long does it take to finish a painting? A lifetime / a few minutes.
  • Do you sell your work? Where can I buy it? Yes, artalitik.com
  • Do you listen to music when you paint? Almost always.
  • Do you ship abroad? Yes.
  • How old are you? 39 (born in 1982).
  • What is your favorite painting you made? Every last painting of mine is my favorite.
  • How do you find inspiration when you are not inspired? I continue to paint.
  • Where do you get your canvases? The oversized canvases instead I create the standard sizes on @mondoartista
  • How do you name your work? From what the painting tells me.
  • Where can I see your work in person? At my personal gallery and art studio.
  • Do you ever paint with a brush? This also happens.
  • Who is your favorite artist? Myself.