Challenging the Status Quo

Crafting exquisite paintings is not a problem at all. With some practice and deep contemplation, anyone with a little knowledge can produce the top-notch paintings blended with vibrant colors.

Because its a matter of whipping colors and learning a bit of science to arrange them meticulously.

But the issue is, most paintings can please the eye for once, maybe for more than a few times before everyone gets bored with it…

All due to the lack of emotional touch (a deep reflecting factor) in those paintings.

Incorporating emotions that resonate with individuals or groups of people sharing same interests into paintings requires years of practical experience and innate talent.

Flaunting Emotions Is Our Way

At Artalitik, all my meticulous paintings are the embodiments of emotions that flaunt from every corner of my paintings.

From the thought process to the final completion, everything reinsures the emotional appeal sprinkle throughout.

So, Emotions are the basis of all my paintings. Everything starts from thereon. That includes the color selection, and the chosen shapes.

Whats included in my SERVICE


If you want to know how my painting will look in your space, send me a photo. I will create a sample painting on Photoshop and send it back to you - completely FREE! So, you know beforehand what you can expect from me.


Nobody likes mediocrity! That’s why I always strive for top-quality artwork. To produce top quality work, I use best painting equipment that complies on quality, especially best quality colors that won’t wink.